safety and housekeeping

We run regular fire drills throughout the year, so that residents and staff are familiar with evacuation procedures. All our new staff receive fire training during their induction, and all staff undergo fire training once a year.

We also carry out regular inspections of equipment and call systems as follows:

  • The fire alarm is tested weekly and recorded.
  • All fire doors are checked weekly and recorded.
  • Fire extinguishers are inspected annually by a specialist company.
  • All fire extinguishers are visually checked weekly and recorded.
  • All rooms are fitted with smoke detectors.
  • Emergency lighting is checked weekly and recorded.
  • All rooms have nurse call systems, and these are checked regularly.

All our care homes are non-smoking, but we do allow and facilitate smoking in designated outside areas.

Our homes are regularly audited by the Social Care and Social Work Inspection Service (SCSWIS), social services, the Health and Safety Executive and the fire department.